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on Dec 8th, 2012 | in Editorial | 3 Comments

Back in June, Etsy released Direct Checkout – which allows shop owners to accept credit cards and Etsy gift cards directly through their shops rather than diverting to PayPal. I disregarded the notices that Etsy posted encouraging sellers to sign up – my son was born earlier this year, so it was easy to convince myself that I was too busy. Sleep deprivation and the annihilation of my spare time left me wary of trying new things and going through a cumbersome sign-up process.

The elephant remained in the room. As I started shopping on Etsy for my son’s first birthday, I was relieved to see how few sellers had signed up for Direct Checkout. Aha! I’m not the only one. There must be a fundamental flaw in the process. I hit the forums to revel in the complaints and misgivings about the new feature.

Instead of ranting, I found raving and testimonials from sellers already benefiting from Direct Checkout. The plot thickened. I decided it was time to bite the bullet and sign up. I waited for my son to take his long nap so I could dedicate the requisite hours filling out forms and setting up accounts.

Within fifteen minutes, I’d completed the totally painless process and felt a little sheepish. Months of skilled procrastination were wasted on something I could’ve done in the time it takes water to boil.

I’m now able to accept Etsy gift cards – a feature that’s included with Direct Checkout. I’m eager to reap the benefits after this holiday season, the first that Etsy gift cards have been available. Buyers previously turned off by a daunting PayPal checkout process can now seamlessly make purchases in my shop with a credit card.

Learn from me and stop making excuses – go sign up for Direct Checkout right now. It’s easy. I promise.

Cover image by Håkan Dahlström on Flickr.
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3 Responses

  1. Seems you can only do this if you have US Dollars as currency. I will investigate further….

  2. Still not done it! Off to do it right now! Helen at Olganna

  3. Well thats the next thing on my to do list! Thanks for the heads up Brittany. Helen at Olganna.

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