Friday’s Fast Five: Etsy Basics

on Sep 2nd, 2011 | in Fast Five

Etsy makes selling sound easy, but learning the basics of the site can be like drinking from a fire hose. No need to panic, I have a breakdown of some of the Etsy basics that every seller should be aware of as they start their adventure.

There is a team for everything and everyone on Etsy. If you’re looking for a steampunk Wiccan team from Chicago, you can probably find one. If there’s not a team for your niche, you can always start one. Teams are great for getting to know other Etsy sellers, getting advice, support and so much more. Teams can be found under the Community menu in the upper left corner on Etsy.

Etsy offers Online Labs that are fun and helpful. A popular live chat is the Newbie Chat where you can ask questions and have them answered live by an Etsy staffer. If you’re not able to participate in the live session, you can always watch the video later by visiting the Online Labs page under the Community menu.

Active members of Etsy can participate in the Etsy Forums. Forum discussions include Site Help, Business Topics, Ideas and Bugs. You don’t have to post, sometimes just browsing the discussions can be helpful. Remember, there are no stupid questions – so ask away. Your fellow sellers and Etsy staffers are willing to help. Be sure to read the rules of the forums before jumping in – no need to make a faux pas if you can avoid it.

Whether you think circles are wonderful or just a nuisance in your activity feed, you should at least learn about them. Read up on what circles are, and what they can and can’t do for your shop, in this forum post. If you’re a buyer, circles are fantastic for finding great things on Etsy. As a treasury maker, you can get yourself seen – so be circled.

If something major is happening on Etsy, you can usually get the scoop by reading the Announcements. I try to check them at least once a week. Etsy admins often posts about things that you might have a question about. Skip the middle man and go directly to the source.

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