Friday’s Fast Five: Tagging

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Friday’s Fast Five is a series on Brittany’s Best where I share five quick tips that I’ve found helpful as a seller on Etsy.

Want an increase in traffic to your Etsy shop? Try giving your tags a second look. These tips will help you take a fresh look at tags, an important aspect of your shop.


More tags are better. Etsy allows you to have 14 tags–use them all. Group words that go together (ie. glass beads) to save tag space.

Don’t mislead your potential customers by using irrelevant tags. Just because a tag is popular, does not mean that you should be using it.

Use terms that are likely to get searched for–like green instead of celadon. While YOU may know that your item is celadon colored, most people will likely search for green.

You say clutch and I say evening bag or purse. Different people use different words for the same item. Open your shop to more traffic by using synonyms and words spelled differently (ie. color; colour).

Start looking around you for ideas. Get creative. Think about how your item will be, or could be used. Fellow Etsians can be a great source of help and inspiration.


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  1. colleen says:

    Great tips…thanks much, I think I get caught up in speciality words

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