Beaded Dragonfly

on Jun 23rd, 2011 | in Craft Tutorials

With spring comes the emergence of all things new and blooming—including insects and critters. This fun and easy craft project was inspired by spring and requires few supplies.

Depending on the size of beads you use and the gauge of wire, you can choose the size of your dragonfly. For this demonstration, I will be using a 24 gauge wire and 8/0 seed beads so that my dragonfly will be delicate enough for use as a scrap-booking embellishment, pin, or gift box accessory but large enough to be viewed for this tutorial.

Demonstration dragonfly measures just over 2″ in length.

Supplies needed:

  • Beading wire (28-gauge or 32-gauge should work for most beads)
  • Glass seed beads
  • Wire cutter
  • Needle nose pliers

***When finding beads for this project, make sure that the bead opening is large enough that two pieces of wire will fit through the hole. If the two pieces of wire do not fit, use a larger bead or thinner wire.***


Step 1

Measure and cut:

  • two pieces of wire – 4” long
  • one piece of wire – 6” long
  • one piece of wire – 1 ½”

Step 2

Using needle nose pliers, bend up one end of one piece of 4” wire

Step 3

String an even number of beads onto the 4” wire with bent end, leaving 1 ½” at the top.

Step 4

Make a circle using the beading wire. The circle should be approximately 1” in diameter.

Step 5

Unbend wire at end of circle. Thread ends of wire through the first bead on the opposite side leaving approximately six beads worth of slack in the circle.

Step 6

Wrap the wire ends around the wire twice staying close to the bead.

Repeat step on other side making sure that you leave approximately two beads worth of space between the two connector beads.

Trim excess wire.

Step 7

Make a figure-8 with the beaded circle by twisting in the middle of the crossover area.


Step 8

Repeat steps 2 through 7 to create the second set of wings.

Step 9

Using the 6” wire, bend the wire in half for the body, making sure you leave the loop at the top open.


Step 10

Using the 1 ½” wire, bend the wire in half for the antennae, making sure you leave the loop at the top open. Step 11

Thread the antennae wire through the loop of the body wire.

Step 12

String beads onto the body, securing the antennae in place.

Step 13

Separate two body wires and thread through first set of wings. Slide wings tightly against the beads at top of body.

Step 14

Slide one bead onto body in order to secure first set of wings then spread wires gently apart.

Step 15

Slide second set of wings onto body.

Step 16

String beads onto the body wire until approximately one inch remains at end.

Bend one wire back towards body.

Wrap bent wire around the wire between the second to the last and last bead of the body twice.


Cut of wire excess.

Step 17

Using needle nose pliers, make spiral bends in the antennae. Bend bottom of body slightly and adjust wings.


Now your beaded dragonfly can be used for gift box embellishment, card making, or other crafts and jewelry.


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